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Project | Mackenzie Health Hospital – A Service Design Challenge

Duration | January–April 2018

Project team | Emma Tsai, Heidi Soper, Christina Borota, Sarah Rombough, Anja Macakanja, Natalia Zigante 

Tools | Figma, Sketch, Invision, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


Mackenzie Health is a dynamic regional healthcare provider serving a population of more than a 500,000 residents across York Region and beyond. The project brief entails the project objective – how might we create and deliver a world-class health service experience for our patients, families and staff at Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital in 2020? 


The Hospital lacks clear communication between doctors and nurses which diminishes the patient experience. From our research we also found a few other areas that could be improved upon such as creating a welcoming environment for patients, which we also kept in mind when creating our solution.


In the hopes of discovering the needs and challenges people encountered at a hospital, we conducted qualitative research on two types of people – people who paid visits to a hospital and healthcare providers who work at a hospital. I was able to speak in depth with one person who visited the hospital for a surgery. Based on the data gathered through surveys and interviews, we analyzed by creating personas as well as a customer journey map. This helped us better understand the users and generate ideas available for peer feedback and evaluation. Ultimately, our prototype ran through user testings and multiple iterations. We came up with a tablet app for healthcare providers named Communicare.  

My role

Everyone participated in the research phase. We designed the survey as a team, while I conducted an interview with a friend who had been to Mackenzie Health Hospital for a surgery. The team analyzed the data and compiled the Customer Journey Map together. Heidi and Me finalized the content and visual design of the Customer Journey Map, wireframes, and final prototype.


A tablet app that improves communication among healthcare professionals within the hospital by integrating google home devices to each patient's room. We are building a system that seamlessly leverages the overall patient experience by effectively addressing patient inquiries and providing updates that keep the patient informed throughout her stay in the hospital.  


A Google Home User Guide Book for First Time Users | We devise a guidebook in hopes of helping patients to understand how Google Home works. 


User Stories | The combination of interview and secondary research helped me identify 3 potential users:

1. BROOKE, a registered nurse who wants to deliver a professional, patient centred, and informative communication to patients.

2. DR.JEFFREY, a doctor looking for a more collaborative healthcare communication system that leads a smoother transition of tasks among healthcare providers.    

3. DARIA, a patient who wishes to have meaningful interactions with hospital staffs and a better understanding of her health conditions and medical needs.

Mapping the journey

Customer Journey Map |Using my primary and secondary research, we created a customer journey map to map out the pain points and opportunities that can be useful for ideation.  

User Flow |Devising a sitemap that helps me design a fluid and intuitive way of navigating the app's content. 

Design phase

Wireframe Development

Initial Prototype Development

Usability testing

We created a Google Home guidebook for patients and we used Figma to create an interactive app prototype for user testing. We tested 5 different users, which helps us uncover things that are unclear and confusing.

Feedback and Iterations

As the tests validated and disproved many initial hypotheses, I continued to iterate the designs. I got rid of the redundant screens and added features (notifications, patient history, personal profile, and settings) that are useful for the Healthcare providers to facilitate patient care.   




App Design Concept

The reason behind the rebrand of the original design is that I envision the logo to bare a refreshing and contemporary look. While keeping the traditional Medical cross symbol, I simplified the shape of the speech bubble and adopted a flat design aesthetic.   

Colour Palette

Our complete color palette is comprised of the Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital's colors (orange and purple), with additional colors (white, lavender, and gold). I propose that the additional colors enhance the contrast and add a lively look to the overall design.  


Play with the prototype

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